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wholesale condoms

Finding a reliable condom buying center in bulk is one of the biggest concerns of pharmacies, cosmetics stores, hypermarkets, welfare centers, addiction treatment centers, clinics, health centers, supermarkets, medical equipment and … in the world.

Therefore, in order to improve the supply of condoms for these guilds and faster access of the people of the world to this vital product to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, the Roodarvasi team has decided to sell condoms in bulk.

You can buy bulk condom by filling out the form below, so that the Roodarvasi team can contact you for supplying and sending your order.

It should be noted that all goods supplied by the Roodarvasi site have an expiration date for 5 years and you can easily order the maximum number of condoms you need.

Roodarvasi site is the first and only reliable reference for wholesale condoms in Iran and has an electronic trust symbol and a shamed code. You can trust the Roodarvasi team with no worries in internet scams, make your purchase and receive the goods at your address .

Wholesale condoms

It should be noted that for your coveniece we provide all new payment methods such as paypal, webmoney, bitcoin and, etc.So you will not have any concern about how to pay the wholesale invoices and our international shipping costs have the lowest tariffs and it is possible to send the orders to any place all over the world.

All orders are stored confidentially in the directory of Roodarvasi site and has the highest level of security and is part of our confidential information.

Please enter all your correct information when completing the form so that there whould be no discrepancy when the experts of Roodarvasi site contact you to send the condoms .

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